Unique Home Designer is an innovative online software that has been developed specifically for the garag door industry. With Unique Home Designer you will have the ability to take a photo of your customers home and within minutes you could be using that photo to place 1000''s of garage door choices. The client can then completely visualize there new door right on ther own house. In addition we just integrated a new component that allows you to upload your own garage photos with an easy to use cropping tool so you do not need a webmaster to get your photos ready.

There are two ways to use this tool:

  • With a cell phone, take a picture of your customerís home and use our mobile upload tool to add your photo to the Unique Home Designer.

  • With a digital camera, take a picture of your customerís home and import to a computer. Use online upload tool to transfer your photo to the Unique Home Designer.††

Using either your lap top computer or the customerís home computer, you will have the ability to show what their home would look like with as many garage door designs that you choose to have in your product line.


  • Upload A Photo of a House or Condo From Computer or Cell Phone
  • Custom Size & Position Garage Door or Doors on Photo
  • View 1000's of Garage Doors Seamlessly on Your Uploaded Photo
  • Save Unlimited Samples of Designs for Clients
  • Email Designs to a Friend
  • Print A PDF
  • Upload Your Companies Logo for Branding
  • Skin the Color to Match Your Companies Brand
  • Complete CMS (Content Management System)
  • Upload Your Own Garage Doors Easily with the Door Wizard
  • Cropping Tool for Uploading Your Photos (No Need for a Webmaster)

Unique Home Designer is the amazing sales tool that is as easy to use as

1) You upload a photo of the front of a house.
2) Size and position garage door or doors.
3) View 1000's of garage door choices on your house